4 Awesome VR Headsets Less Than $50

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VR is a technology that has been loved by everyone with its stunning virtual world. This is one of the best ways to enjoy the facilities of Hollywood movies and special effects in your own house. With VR, you can watch 3D videos, play games with endless fun, and attend virtual classes without going anywhere. If you are planning to buy a VR headset then go ahead as there are a number of options available on the market today which allow you to explore various aspects via this headgear. As it comes at affordable prices, you can also gift these products to someone near or dear ones who love gadgets just like you do. So without further ado let us discuss some popular but cheap VR headsets that are available for purchase under $50.

1 . View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

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Of all the VR headsets, View-Master is known as the most famous and easy-to-use device. With its unique design, you will definitely fall in love with this set of goggles. It not only looks cool but also gives a real-world experience with its affordable price tag of about $30. In addition to this, it comes with an SD card slot which allows sharing of images via the insertion of cards. This headgear does not require any phone for usage as it works perfectly on its own without any external support or power supply. You can explore new places where your kids want to go and enjoy a great time over these virtual trips together which is the best part about this product!

2 . Merge VR Goggles

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Another set of goggles that you can try out is the Merge VR Goggles. It is a device that gives you an amazing experience as it comes with adjustable foam inserts and works perfectly for people wearing eyeglasses. The plastic frame provides better durability and also lessens the weight of the gadget as compared to other such products available on the market today. You will definitely like this device as it provides a 360-degree panorama view and will give you an exciting experience over virtual reality apps. Its affordable price tag makes it much more liked by all those consumers who wish to buy one cheap VR headset for themselves or gift others.

3 . Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset (Starter Pack)

At number 3 in our list is the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset which comes at a price of about $15. It is one of the cheapest gadgets available to be used with Android smartphones and promises a fairly good quality virtual reality experience over games, video apps, and various other applications. You can look around as well as up or down while wearing this device on your head which makes it a favorite product among all those who have purchased it so far!

4 . BoboVR Z4 3D VR Glasses

The next product on our list is the BoboVR Z4 3D VR Glasses which comes at a price tag of about $20. Its universal compatibility lets consumers use it almost everywhere including cinemas, amusement parks, or even at home over their favorite movies displayed on TV screens. It offers an amazing 360-degree panorama view with adjustable lenses (focal length) helping you see the best quality content anytime. It also comes with a controller that can be used with one hand and does not require any Bluetooth pairing!

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