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5 Easy Steps How To Use Oculus VR Devices

Oculus Vr Devices

Oculus VR Devices are virtual reality headsets released and owned by Facebook from March 28, 2016. In 2012, Oculus started a Kickstarter (American public-benefit corporation based in Brooklyn, New York) campaign to fund the Rift’s development. The campaign was successful as it raised almost 2.5 million US $, and in March 2014, Facebook purchased Oculus for 2 billion $. It is known as Oculus Rift.

Use Of Oculus VR Devices

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Oculus VR devices are widely used by video gamers, simulators, and trainers. Oculus VR devices are now being used in different fields, like medical training and military training. In medical practice, Oculus VR devices are used to train medical students for surgery as it allows them to perform the beginning procedure of surgery virtually. In the United States, their Armed Forces use Oculus VR devices to train their cadets for different situations without putting them in danger. Oculus VR devices can be used multiple times if taken care of properly, so it is not expensive.

Steps To Use Your Oculus VR Devices

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Use Hardware

First, you need to have all the hardware to use your Oculus VR devices to connect like a PC, handling all your virtual activities. You can also use desktops and laptops for Oculus VR devices.

Install Oculus VR Device Software

The next step to use the Oculus VR device is to install software on your PC, which is necessary to connect the Oculus VR device to your PC. Once the software is installed, you need to create an Oculus account free of cost. You also do not need to pay any additional amount. You can also get the software installed from the store you got your Oculus VR device.

Safety First

Don’t immediately jump into using it. Safety is essential, and for that, you need to watch some safety videos. The software you installed will play some safety videos before starting, which you need to observe as it is going to help you ahead, and you can’t skip it.

Connect Your Oculus VR Device And Sensor

Now, you need to connect your Oculus VR devices physically and wirelessly. First, you need to attach four cables into a PC/Computer, two into a webcam, a headset cable into the USB port, and one into the HDMI output. Wirelessly you need to connect your touch motion controller, which will be shown on the screen how to do it. When everything is connected, the software will start updating the firmware. This will take a few minutes, and don’t make sure you don’t unplug anything until it’s done.

Adjust Your Headset

Finally, adjust your Oculus VR devices in a comfortable position on your head. It would be best if you know how to tighten and lose your headset’s straps. Try to put a headset on your head and pull the straps until it perfects your head comfortably but don’t make it too tight. Now adjust lens positions to your best view by slightly moving it to left and right.


Now that you know how to set or connect your Oculus VR device, you are right. Now enjoy gaming and video experience in your virtual reality.

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