6 Easy And Quick Steps For Casting Oculus 2 To Your TV

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Oculus 2 is well known for providing you with a fantastic VR ex[perience, which you would surely like to share with your friends and family. While they watch you swinging your arms in the air around you, they might feel curious to know what exactly is going inside your headset. Luckily, you can cast your Oculus 2 onto your TV so that you can also include them in fun. You do not need to make the extra effort; you can do it only with a few simple buttons and easy steps. Get more details.

Cast Your Gameplay On TV From Oculus 2 With These Steps

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Following are the steps that will help you cast your gameplay onto your TV from Oculid 2 headset. Have a look.

  • The first step to follow is to turn on your TV and Oculus 2 headset. And make sure that both these devices are entirely ready to receive and share data without any hiccups along the way.
  • After that, you need to press the white circle on your controller and then locate the home menu on the bottom of your screen. In the home menu, you can access all the main functions of your Oculus 2. It will appear to you as a tab across the bottom of your screen.
  • Now, it’s time to click on the “Share” button. It will look like a typical social media share button, i.e., three buttons and a line connecting them.
  • Then, click on “Cast.” You can find it on the far right side of the bar that appears over your home menu, next to the options like take photos, record video, or go live. You might want to use these options to stream gameplay for new games.
  • The next step is to select your casting device or TV from the window that appears. The available devices will show up in front of you and if your device doesn’t show up, make sure you have enabled it.
  • By clicking “Next,” notification will appear and tell you that the casting has begun. This way is the simplest method that you can use for casting Oculus 2 on your TV because it doesn’t require any external devices other than the one you need to enable for casting to your TV.

 These were the steps for casting Tv directly from the Oculus 2 headset. Other than this, you can also do the same using the Oculus mobile app. Both these ways will let you share the gameplay fun with others on the TV screen.


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Hoping you have found this information helpful for you. Also, you can stop this casting anytime you want if you feel the gameplay has become intense. You need to bring up your menu, select the “Share” button, and choose the “Stop Casting” option.

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