7 Facts You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Virtual Reality Headset

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A virtual reality headset is basically a head mounted unit that gives the wearer a virtual reality experience. Virtual reality headsets have been extensively used by video games consoles but they’re also now being used in educational programs, such as trainers and simulators. But just like any other technology, there are a lot of potential problems that surround this type of technology. Here are some of them.

An Overview

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First of all, if your kids are getting into playing video games, you might want to reconsider letting them use these types of headsets. In fact, most parents feel that using any type of head gear that enhances the gaming experience is a good thing. However, some parents feel that using virtual reality headsets to play video games is not only inappropriate but it could also cause damage to their children’s brains. In fact, virtual reality game headsets contain some type of motion tracking sensors and cameras.

A second problem regarding using a video gaming system with a virtual reality headset involves the issue of comfort. Many gamers do not enjoy wearing the headset. The fact is that they may get headaches when using the device. So, a video gaming system with a virtual reality headset may cause your child to be anxious and often scratch their head in frustration because of the headaches associated with the device.

Things to Know Before Purchasing Virtual Reality Headset

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A third issue that is related to vr headsets is the issue of security. This is particularly true for those who download apps that allow them to have a virtual reality environment. In fact, many people feel that these apps are so closely connected to the real world that it might allow a person to break into their home. As a result, parents are especially concerned about the possibility of their children having a dangerous experience while in the midst of a high tech smartphone app. To be sure, all vr headsets come with certain protections against hackers and malware but this doesn’t mean that you have complete control over the devices.

A fourth concern about these devices relates to the fact that they aren’t very affordable. The average price of a video gaming system with a HTC Vive or PlayStationVR headset is nearly $500. Therefore, it is understandable that those interested in virtual reality gaming might not have the extra money on hand to purchase these headsets. Fortunately, there are numerous discount online retailers that sell HTC Vive headsets and PlayStation VR headsets at reasonable prices.

Fifth, it is important to point out that while these four issues are valid concerns, they are not the only ones that could prevent you from buying the right virtual reality headset for you. For example, many of the top manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Google have yet to release their own augmented reality headsets. In fact, the original PlayStation VR headset was released before the Google Daydream headset and still has a ways to go in terms of adoption. Therefore, you could purchase an HTC Vive or PlayStation VR headset for a substantially discounted price but you will not be able to use them until those companies release their headsets.

Sixth, you should know that there are still other technologies out there that work much better than the current crop of VR headsets. Augmented reality technology includes glasses or computer glasses that contain integrated sensors that allow for your physical presence in the real world. These types of vr experiences make use of your natural sense of touch to interact with the environment. If you are in an area where there is no floor to walk on or there is a lot of rubble to move around, you can simply put on your glasses and be in the scene. You’ll feel as if you are really in the real world.

Bottom Line

Seventh, keep in mind that there are still a lot of improvements that need to be made before we start to feel like we are truly in the virtual world. Currently, the vr technology works by tracking two key components – sound and spatial audio. Audio is measured in terms of distance and sound waves and Spatial audio is the ability to understand head motion. Both of these components are vital to creating an experience that is similar to being in the real world.

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