A Climb Into the Holidays with the HTC Vive

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Ready-made controllers for the Rift are being replaced by a new line of products from LucidTouch, a leading developer of computer applications and interactive devices. The new Gear VR headset incorporates many of the technologies in the new LucidTouch line of devices, including the innovative “virtual-reality” feature described here. It combines two headsets – one for head tracking, the other for controlling the motion of the hands and fingers. Each transmitter in the headset has been equipped with its own micro USB connector that streamlines data transfers.

Begin Customizing Your Headsets To Meet

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A standard Rift headset uses a standard USB connector. An additional USB port allows it to be used with computers running the Windows Vista operating system. To enable your computer to use the headset, download and install the Windows Vista “steamvr” program. This is a relatively new technology that was developed by Valve Corporation as part of the SteamVR technology initiative. Once installed, it will display the Rift desktop scene and display whatever application you are using, be it the Rift game or any other application.

After installing the software, you can begin customizing your headsets to meet your individual needs. You can choose from various styles such as those that have a built-in camera or a hands-free microphone. The built-in cameras are convenient as they record your movements for later playback. However, if you intend to go hands-free, a microphone will provide you with a much more immersive experience. You can adjust the volume as you move your head and hear the subtleties of the sounds produced by your voice.

Using The Virtual

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When playing any of the Rift games using the virtual-reality feature of the headsets, your actions are logged and reflected in real time on your PC screen. Your actions are tracked by the game’s digital enemies that move around the scene to attack you. Although the Rift controllers enable you to play the game using your voice, your actions are recorded and can be viewed by other players online. You may choose to compete with other Rift players for score. In this competitive mode, you may use either your voice or the written word to battle your virtual enemies.

Other games in the lineup of the popular cults games include Arizona Sunshine, and the previously released Doom. In Arizona Sunshine, you take control of the protagonist as he stumbles around the Arizona desert. The player takes upon the role of a cowboy, searching for his cattle one morning only to find that all his cattle have mysteriously vanished. Hiking along the desert landscape, you will discover that you are being stalked by hostile aliens who want your cattle. Once they have been taken, the cowboy must find a way to return to the ranch, while fighting off waves of hostile creatures along the way.

Main Playable Character Is Rendered Using An Htc Vive Controller

As in previous titles of the Rift series, the main playable character is rendered using an HTC Vive controller. You can also utilize the other hand controls and use the trigger, the touchpad, and the wand to physically interact with the virtual world. In addition to controllers, the HTC Vive allows for use of other accessories, which include headsets, straps, and other items. These additional accessories can be used with the Vive PC to enhance the playing experience.

The ability to play video games using natural locomotion was first introduced with the release of the Doom game, which made the idea of the Rift available to eager players. Today’s headsets are more advanced than those of the original Doom. They work by using an image of the world around you captured from your Rift camera, and using this information to recreate real-world environments. The result is that you get to experience a wide variety of natural movements. The HTC Vive headset captures the movements of your virtual environment, which allows it to create a 3D reconstruction with the added benefit of video gaming.

Final Words

For those who are looking for an experience that combines physical interaction with natural motion, there is no better option than the HTC Vive. Unlike the Rift, the HTC Vive uses a standard video game controller, which makes it easier for those without physical impairments to use the headset. In addition, the V Vive allows for a greater degree of customization, including controller attachment, headband style additions, and attachment of various accessories. For those who want to experience true VR, the HTC Vive is the best platform. You can learn more about how the HTC Vive can enhance your life with the free consumer preview of the critically acclaimed sci-fi stealth game called The Climb, which is coming to the HTC Vive later this year.

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