All About The Best Cheap Vr Headset That Will Cost You Less Than Dollar 30 -

All About The Best Cheap Vr Headset That Will Cost You Less Than Dollar 30

best cheap vr headset

The VR headset market is witnessing a great amount of enthusiasm among all sorts of people. More and more people are looking for the best cheap VR headset and they end up at pages stating $500 is the cheaper range of VR headset. But do you know, there is a VR headset for $30 that will give you the same level of experience as the HTC Vive that will cost around $800. In this blog, we will discuss Google Cardboard and how we think it is the best cheap VR headset.


Basically , the VR market is full of devices that make choosing more difficult. 

Google cardboard is made with a pair of plastic magnifying lenses and a sheet of cardboard. That can be used with a standard smartphone as a screen. So design is very cheap and does not require the company to spend much on the raw material and manufacturing, making it cheaper. But after that various low-end companies came with their own cardboard-type VR headset but they can not match the level of perfection and innovation that is used by Google. 

The company is by far one of the biggest tech companies in the world virtually ruling the market of search engines, email, video streaming, and much more. The best cheap VR headset is easily available in the market, and it is sure to have compatible Android and iOS VR apps.


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The cardboard offers limited interactivity, most suited for watching the 360-degree video. But please note that it is not made for long hours of use. Do not use head straps and yes, it is very uncomfortable to use. But when you compare the price, it is good. 


Lots of companies have partnered with Google and provide cardboard for free. Keep looking for these offers and you might get them free. Verizon’s Star Wars Cardboard giveaway was a great way to get the cardboard free. Keep looking for more such offers. The standard VR from google costs $30, but recently the company launched a basic model priced at $15 apiece. 

Hidden Costs

VR headset makers are known for fooling the customers with various hidden costs. With google cardboard, there are no hidden costs. If your phone is old and not compatible with it, you might need to purchase a new one for use.


Google cardboard is easily portable and it folds into a stackable box. After folding, it looks barely larger than a  pair of eyeglasses. It is a very company and does not occupy much space in your home. 

Final Word

You also get an option to customize the cardboard with companies like Dodocase and KnoxLabs. Customizations and special materials will raise the price to the upper trend still it is very affordable. Go get this best cheap VR headset and enjoy virtual reality. 

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