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Beat Saber VR

Beat Saber VR: A Must-Play Game

When it comes to knowing about the games which are available to keep us out of boredom, numerous are there. You will get surprised to know that if you are feeling bored and have nothing to do, and then you can easily switch to games. If you are looking for the same, then you must turn to Beat Saber VR.

Virtual reality is being one of the most common aspects which have been taken into consideration while creating the games. This game is up to the mark for the same. All the elements which are necessary to play a game and make it attractive are available in it.  This game is purely a rhythm game with the virtual system

Beat Saber VR

Things To Get Sure About Beat Saber VR

If you are fond of games, then you must get sure about these things:

Who Developed And Published This Game?

This game was initially developed and published by Beat Games. These are known to be the best ones when it comes to developing a game that is purely based on virtual reality.

Point Of Focus In-Game

When it comes to knowing about the point of focus in this game, then you will get surprised to know that, this game focuses on a player who is slashing blocks which are further representing the musical beats. These are coming along with a pair of blue and red lightsabers. The environment in which the whole of this takes place is the surrealistic neon-noir environment.

The Game Play Of Beat Saber VR:

When it comes to know about the gameplay, then this game indicates difficulty level up to 5 standards which includes several songs as well. VR motion controllers are supposed to use by the players to get a pair of lightsabers. In this pair, the left one available is red, and the right one available is blue.

As the game continues along with a song, every song comes up with approaching blocks toward the player, which are among the notes and beats of the song. The positions will be in 4*3 gird, which has 12 possibilities for the same. Every available block it might be red or blue, it depends on the color the saber possesses which is must slash the block, and also it may be available with a marked arrow as well. This will indicates eight positions that can be found to be cut by the block.

Beat Saber VR

Apart from the arrowed blocks, some of the blocks with dots are also available. A player can slash these blocks in any of the directions accordingly. To score points, it is a must for a saber to cut a block. In case the same is not done, and score points will not be awarded. The score points which will be awarded depends on the angle and length of the swing with which the cut is made. Additionally, some of the mines are there, which are must to avoid by the player to be safe in the game.

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