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Best Rift and Vive HMD for PC Gaming

A desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a desk

Because of its potential impact as the next generation of interactive television, virtual reality headsets are being sought out by buyers and sellers alike. They come in all price ranges, for every type of consumer. To decide what is the best VR headphone for PC is to decide what type of computer system the user has: an older one, a laptop, a tablet PC, or a high-end gaming platform? Then again, it might also be determined by what kind of graphics card the user has, and what sort of video games the person enjoys. Finally, it could also depend on what type of internet connection the user has: if he or she is enjoying a high speed Internet connection, then wireless could be the best choice, whereas if he or she prefers a slower connection, then wired might be the better option.

Because of the different choices, the vr headset for pc must also adjust to each of these systems. Because the technology is still in its relative infancy, there are a number of devices that have yet to be optimized for gaming or virtual reality. Naturally, a headset that works well for a video game controller will not necessarily work well with a user’s screen size or shape. A gaming console can also support a wider variety of connections than a netbook or a laptop. This is why it is so important to look at all three options.

 Features Inherent In Both Gaming Consoles And PCs

A desktop computer monitor sitting on top of a desk

However, there are some features inherent in both gaming consoles and PCs that will translate over to the best VR headphone for pc. For example, both an Xbox and a PlayStation can deliver stereoscopic audio. This is because the two consoles use an advanced form of technology that allows them to deliver stereo sound through the speakers found in each ear. In addition, they both support what is known as true 3D audio. True 3D is what givesVR headsets their incredible sound effects. The best VR headset for pc can enhance your gaming experience dramatically.

Allows To See An Image 

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The other way in which both an Xbox and a PlayStation can make virtual reality work for you is by allowing you to see an image of whatever you are looking at right on your computer monitor. This is known as a digital eye. Both headsets for virtual reality work in much the same way. The difference comes down to how many lines of communication are allowed between your computer and the headset.

Check Out The Amazon Or An eBay Version

If you need to send a message to somebody within the headset then you will likely find that an Amazon or an eBay version of either the HTC Wildfire or the Samsung Gear VR will work well. For a quick introduction into the differences between the two systems, here is a quick rundown: HTC Wildfire uses an advanced eye tracking technology that uses camera movement in order to let the user know where their gaze has gone. The next gen Gear VR works with the new Samsung processor. If you need to know more about what separates the two then read on!

Final Words

There are other features that are worth checking out like the integrated speakers but most people aren’t bothered by these so I don’t bother mentioning them. What you will want to look out for is the build quality and comfort level of the headset. The HTC Wildfire and the Rift are both great but the Wildfire is heavier so you may feel more comfortable using it. The other major difference between these two headsets is the motion controllers. The V Vive has four motion controllers, whereas the Rift has only two.

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