Best VR Games For both Phones and PCs

best vr games

The best VR games aren’t even necessarily the most innovative. If anything, the best VR games feel most alive, as if they were really designed with virtual reality in mind. Here’s what I mean.

Experience The Motion Sickness

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If you’ve been unfortunate to experience the motion sickness associated with some VR titles, then you’re aware of what a pain that can be. In fact, if you have the motion sickness, you’ll know it almost instantly. For me though, there’s nothing like being so close to a crash. I’m not a big fan of the motion sickness, however, and the HTC Vive has a great solution. The best VR games aren’t necessarily the ones that cost the most money, but the ones that force you to keep your balance and put your entire body into action.

Guitar hero (or superhotVR) is one of the best vr games out right now. It takes a lot of skill, and forces you to use everything from your legs, to your arms, to your head. It’s not a program that’s very technical, and the motion sickness doesn’t come into play often (unlike, say, HTC Vive Guitar Hero). If you’ve got motion sickness, this game is not for you.

Assetto VR, on the other hand, is a PC game that puts you into a world where you’re an “asset collector.” You collect parts from crashed airplanes, space shuttles, and more to build your own vessel. You’ll need to find the parts, and then use them to build up your vessel. Assetto VR works great as a PC game and is one of the best of games for those with even minimal motion sickness.

Nobody explodes in a boat, so that’s pretty much the limit on what you can do with a PC boat simulation. That all changed with Assetto, though. You can now play Assetto VR, which is a puzzle game, mixed with a boat simulation. You have to keep talking to people on your mobile platform to keep them happy. The controls are simple: left is to move, and the right to reverse. There are five islands to choose from, and the island you last visited will be re-visited, and you have to go there again, so that you can keep upgrading your boat!

When looking for the best in games, you might also look for a good headset, and this is where the combination of the PC and mobile gaming gets even better. Most headsets these days are supported by at least one VR headset application, so that means you’ll be able to have a lot of fun playing the best vr games on the market, wherever you are. If you want to be able to enjoy games on the go, that’s definitely something to consider, when it comes to choosing a good VR headset.

Bottom Lines

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For the best vr games on either platform, try HTC Wildfire or PlayStation Move. Both of these headsets feature some great applications and will give you the chance to enjoy the best VR to date, wherever you happen to roam. The HTC Wildfire is a mobile friendly version of the HTC Vive, so if you’re looking for a mobile experience that rivals that of the Rift and PlayStation 4, the HTC Wildfire could be the perfect choice for you.

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