Best VR Horror Games You Just Cannot Miss -

Best VR Horror Games You Just Cannot Miss

best vr horror games

Best VR Horror Games You Just Cannot Miss

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Do you like VR games? Ever tried enjoying the thrill of immersive gameplay with the VR goggles? How about some of the coolest, freakiest, and certainly best VR horror games? Well, if you really want to take it up a notch with the virtual reality gaming experience, there is nothing better than trying out some horror games! But, fair warning; these are not for the feeble hearted ones!

Best VR Horror Games To Enjoy The Scare And Live It

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One of the best parts about virtual reality games is the immersive gameplay. You feel like you are actually within the game and everything that’s happening is around you. If you are yet to experience any VR games at all, I will suggest you to keep this blog bookmarked and first get a feel of the experience with some lighthearted gaming action. But, if you are all ready for the horror to come alive, here’s your list of the best VR horror games that you just can’t miss!

There have been so many games on zombie apocalypse, but there has never been anything as brilliant as this one! This Walking Dead game gets everything perfect down to the last bit! You enter a post-apocalyptic New Orleans as ‘The Traveller’ and find yourself dealing with truly deadly hoards of ghouls! You will have to assemble your weapon and also broker deals between warring factions. With the perfect balance between horror and all-out blasting of the undead, you will have to survive one day at a time!

Now, what’s a horror game without the classic jump-scare tactic! And, the makers of Five Night at Freddy’s, Steel Wool Studios, have certainly not disheartened us, the fans of their jump-scare gameplay! This version is specifically made for VR and you just can’t afford to blink. Manage the power and keep an eye out for Freddy Fazbear and his compatriots. Keep your focus, because, if you lose that, you might just lose your face!

The Exorcist isn’t as scary as it feels ominous. You will have all the exorcism tools and there are plenty of demons all within the game to fight with. The entire game is divided into five chapters and each comes with its own stories. You will have to find out hidden artifacts as you fight off demonic entities in the atmospheric locations. If you wanted something creepy, this game is just for you!

Virtual Reality Horror Is The Best Halloween Plan

If you have been unsure about what to do during Halloween night, here’s great advice. Why not enjoy some VR horror games? There’s nothing like a good scare, after all! But, remember, nothing’s really real. It’s just all in your head. Even though Dumbledore might ask, even if it’s in your head, does it mean that it isn’t real? Well, VR is certainly a great way to enjoy those horror games. So, get on with it.

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