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The Rift CV isn’t actually a game, but a Rift CV plug-in. This means you can turn it into a game with the settings being changed to resemble a video game. This plug-in is a simple program that will allow you to get the most from your Rift CV experience. It will emulate a webcam and display Rift video while also setting Rift CV to mimic a keyboard and mouse.

Many of us know what a Rift CV is, but may not know why it is used to set up the Rift headset. The Rift CV plugs in and enables the Rift system to use a computer vision system to help you play certain types of video games. Many of these video games have been designed to be played with a microphone and webcam. This system is integrated with the Rift PC download software and allows you to play Rift games with your PC at real-world resolutions, providing a surround-sound experience in true 3D.

You will need to have your PC on and connected to a Wi-Fi network when you use the Rift CV for PC to connect to your headset. Once your PC is ready, simply launch the Rift CV for PC program. It will begin automatically after detecting your system settings.

An Overview

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There are two ways to connect to your Rift PC download software. The first way is through your computer’s web browser. Simply launch the Rift PC app, select the link that is shown on the browser, and follow the onscreen instructions to connect to your PC. Your PC will now show up on the screen as a tool that indicates that there is a wireless router network. Next, you will see an icon that says streaming media from PC to headset’.

The second way is through the PC’s built in wireless setup. Simply click the arrow pointing towards Wireless setup next to the port name found on your Rift system. Next, you will see a button for setting up the network you want to connect your Rift to. Click that button.

Finally, you can install the Rift CV for PC into the default settings. Open the Rift CV installer. If there are no buttons, click the gear menu found at the top left corner of the Rift system settings. Select Applications then select the Rift CV app. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Downloading the Best Rift Game for PC

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After the Rift CV for PC has been installed, launch your Windows 10 application. It will then prompt you to connect your Rift to your computer via the USB cable. Navigate to the setting found in the Network settings and select the default or standard wireless connection. This is the same network your Rift will be using for streaming.

Launch your Rift game and log into your computer using the default settings found in the Rift game setup. Once connected, go to the Rift setup options found in the upper right corner of the Rift game setup window and connect your Rift by inserting the usb-c cable into the provided USB ports. Run the program that is found in the Documents folder and select “manage Rift” from the main menu. You can now plug in any other devices such as a mouse or keyboard into the Rift headset to stream audio and video.

This was my first experience with an Oculus Rift game download application. The Rift game setup was easy to follow and once I got over the learning curve, playing the game was not only fun but very thrilling. I was able to run the program without the help of a computer expert or friend, it was simple to learn and set up. If you’re still not sure if you want to invest in the Rift, I would recommend you download the free demo and check out how it works for you.

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