Games For Oculus Quest And All You Need to Know

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Oculus Quest is a branch of Facebook that makes use of virtual reality to give its users a feeling of real-time activity. There are many games for oculus quest from which one can opt. Just by wearing the Oculus headset, you will be able to experience a world that you can only imagine. It is one of the best ways to explore the gaming world. You will feel that you are a part of that virtual world. You can pick your favorite games for Oculus Quest and get set to play. 

Oculus Quest is undoubtedly the pioneer of virtual gaming. Not only gaming, but it also offers multiple things to enjoy, such as watching a movie or your favorite football match, a concert, and so on. Pick an activity that intrigues you the most and enjoy it. 

Best Games for Oculus Quest 

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There are so many games for Oculus Quest that it is hard to choose. Still, we have managed to curate a list of all the games that you can choose from. 

  • Larcenauts- It is essentially a shooting game that involves three modes. You need to jump to the next level and capture the flags. You can apply different strategies while playing the game. 
  • Eleven: Table Tennis- Eleven is going to give you one of the most breathtaking experiences in the sports world. You would definitely feel that you are inside the game holding table tennis bats and playing with the other players. 
  • Beat Saber- This game includes five levels. In this game, you are required to hit the blocks with a saber of the same color. If you keep hitting it well, then you will hop to the next level. There are certain obstacles as well that one needs to hit and then move ahead. 
  • Moss- Moss is an adventure game in which you help a mouse named Quill to make way for himself by solving puzzles, engaging in combats, and so on. People play this game from a third-person perspective. The ultimate goal is to save Quill’s uncle, who is trapped. 
  • Pistol whip- This game has been inspired by movies like John Wick. This game requires you to kill your enemies by shooting and then move to the next level. The more you move ahead, the more it will get tough. You will have to defend yourself from the enemy in order to sustain yourself in the game. 


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If you are a gamer or if you are planning to purchase Oculus Quest, then you should look out for the games that are best suited for the headset. All the games for Oculus Quest mentioned above are quite peppy, and you will enjoy them a lot. The accessories associated with the quest will give you a seamless and amazing experience of virtual reality. You can definitely choose other games for Oculus Quest if you wish to take it up a notch.

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