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Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR - Guide To Quality Gaming Experience

Humans love entertainment while they get to choose their form of entertainment. Computer gaming is a stressbuster and provides an experience beyond reality. Since computers came into our lives and got indulged so much in a daily routine, we also looked into it for some mere entertainment only to find there’s a vast ocean to swim across. From the days of spider solitaire and pinball to Samsung Gear VR, we have leaped a considerable distance and still willing to experience much to go beyond reality, i.e., a virtual reality.

Samsung Gear VR - One Guide To Quality Gaming Experience
Samsung Gear VR

What Are Gear VRs And What It Means To Go Virtual?

Going virtual-only has to do with your basic senses, mainly with your eyesight and ears. Comes as a head strap along with the device you need to put on, and an ear sets to get into the vibes of the game. It creates artificial yet realistic visualization and the sound effects get you into the realm of the game, hence making it a virtual reality while you enjoy the game in your absolute truth. The intensity of the experience highly depends on the visuals and audio of the game and the smoothness of the Gear VR to locate and relocate its position according to the area of your head while it turns at a 101-degree angle giving you the full blast of the gaming realm. Of course, you can put it off at any time and go by your work once you can leave such an amazing virtual experience.

How Does It Work And Some Information About The Manufacturer?

Samsung Gear VR is manufactured by the correspondence of Oculus Gear VR electronics market giant Samsung and has been around since November 27, 2015, till this date and is still running smooth.

As mentioned before, Samsung looks forward to providing a stunning visual experience along with an audio quality of the same.

The first edition of Samsung’s Gear VR, the SM-R320, was released on December 2014. This version was only compatible with the Galaxy Note 4.

 The second edition of Samsung’s Gear VR, the SM-R321, was released on March 2015. This device supports only the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. A micro USB port is also added, to provide additional power to the docked device, as well as a small fan inside to prevent the lens fogging.

Samsung Gear VR - One Guide To Quality Gaming Experience
Samsung Gear VR

Reasons To Buy a Samsung Gear VR

Samsung has some top-notch technological performances with their super eligible processors and visual AMOLED display, which is a super HD quality visual in a Samsung Gear VR. Other manufacturers have also launched some VRs, but Samsung Gear VR takes the cake for me. Plus, a beautiful gaming view with intense graphics should lure you to a Gear VR, and Samsung Gear VR is a must suggestion. Just plug your phone in and indulge yourself to a gaming experience like never before. This set has got the highest recognition all across the world to date.

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