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From Rift, to the brand new Home, to music, movies, games and more, there is so much to do on the Oculus Store right now. From free downloads to upgrading your Rift right from the store, you can do it all right from the comfort of your home without ever having to go outside. It’s about as close as you are going to get to be able to be at an actual game or a movie location. Here’s how to get started with everything available on the Rift.

New Gear Vr Application Platform

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If you own a Rift and an iPhone 6, you can download apps for your Rift right from the store. The new Gear VR application platform makes it easy to use the Rift to experience augmented reality through the use of iPhone 6 applications. This is just one of the many Rift apps that can be downloaded to take you into a whole new world. With an iPhone or iPad, you can use the Rift with any of these devices to have truly immersive and completely realistic graphics.

There are apps for just about every VR experience you could imagine. There is the classic adventure quest game, wherein you play as a hero and quest across the virtual landscapes to achieve your goal. With the help of your controllers, you can throw swords, bows and magic spells at your enemies and solve puzzles and mini-games. You can also play the traditional fighting style and take on waves of bad guys or other Rift characters in solo combat. Other Rift quests involve racing against time or battling against other Rift characters. The list goes on.

Space Quest 2 Vr Game

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The most amazing Rift experience will be the epic Space Quest 2 VR game. You will enter a huge space station with multiple floors, where you must complete quests and fight enemy pilots and bosses. This is a highly interactive and comprehensive adventure quest where you get to explore the Station from all directions. You will be flying around and taking part in the main quests while seeking out different artifacts and items to help you on your journey to solve the mystery of the Space Quest 2 VR Game.

In the Rec Room app, you can take a break from the action by checking out the various HTC Desire devices in the demo section. If you are looking for a funky way to kill time and improve coordination, then the Rec Room is the perfect choice. You can simply jump from one Vive device to another using the HTC Vive controller or explore the environment using the GearVR handheld controllers. Using the Rec Room app, you can even change your clothing and accessories to look like a pop star!

Rift Headset And Controllers

Serious virtual adventures are just a few clicks away with the help of the Rift headset and controllers. If you want to feel the thrills and adventures of a lifetime, you can buy the Rift standalone package that includes the base game, the Star Walk demo and a selection of vr applications that will put your mind to the task. These applications will help you to feel the thrill of space travel like never before, and allow you to take on the challenge of mastering the skills necessary for astronauts. The Star Walk and other Riftvr applications are completely standalone and are not part of the game system of the Vive.

Bottom Line

If you are in search of the best VR headset for the best price, the answer is right here. The two Rift headsets from the major manufacturers are sold at the company’s official store. In addition to Rift headsets, you can also enjoy an assortment of top quality HTC Vive applications, and even more specialised Riftvr applications from well-known developers. With all this and more, the future looks as bright as theVR headsets.

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