The Best Rift Games for Both Closed and Open VR Headsets

best oculus games

Best of the Rift: 

A Thrilling Prequel to the Best Selling Rift Game! The first in a long time, players are treated to a brand new story, setting, and adventure as they join forces with their alien allies to fight the nefarious Deidara. Packed full of intense action, breathtaking graphics, and an all-new gameplay angle players will truly enjoy what the developers at Oculus Studios have done about the best Rift game to date.

The First Person Shooter genre is sure to be a huge hit with the current crop of upcoming developers, who are looking to create memorable experiences in the virtual reality gaming world. It has been more than obvious that the success of shooters such as Dead Space and Mass Effect is due to the player’s ability to seamlessly interact with the environment. With the release of Rift, the evolution of this genre has taken another giant leap forward. In this first-person shooter (FPS) players enter into a completely different world where the only thing that stands between you and your enemies is a powerful psionic rifle that can be either held or carried by you.

To be able to pilot a vehicle and also handle other heavy-duty machinery is something that seems almost impossible. Thanks to the innovative technology known as the Rift, you no longer need to undergo any form of training to handle this powerful device. Using an oculus rift VR headset, players will be able to pilot their vehicles with perfect control and maneuverability as they take on the formidable task of fighting off waves of aliens in search of an escape route. Playing the best Oculus games on a powerful gaming pc is an experience that any avid Rift player will find truly thrilling.


For those interested in thrilling, action-packed virtual reality gaming there is nothing quite like the highly-anticipated release of the first episode of Killzone. The brilliant technology developed by the gaming company that produces this fascinating game has made gamers everywhere excited about the prospect of this first official VR release. When you play the best oculus games, you will enter the ultimate virtual reality, where you take on the impossible role of a lethal defense force against some of the most cunning and dangerous terrorists in the galaxy. To succeed in this exciting game you must develop your strategy and learn to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

The Chronicles

The next Rift game that is due to arrive is called The Chronicles: The Elements of Power. This is a first-person shooter (FPS) game based on the world of magic and technology, set thousands of years in the future of mankind. VR gamers around the world are gearing up to experience what it’s like to be at the center of battles fought around the world by a special forces group known as the Twilight Front. A mysterious power known as the “Animus” is threatening to destroy the human race so an elite group of soldiers called the Twilight Front must arm themselves with the latest weapons and equipment to battle this mysterious threat.

The Forge of Heavensward

The next Rift game that will be available is called The Forge of Heavensward. This is a completely new class of games that feature a first-person perspective. Players step into the role of a mystic warrior who has fallen from heaven and has fallen into the gaming world, where he must learn to survive and battle his way through strange and compelling puzzles and enemies. The best Oculus exclusives have always offered a first-person perspective to gamers, and the upcoming Forge of Heavensward looks to continue this tradition.

EVE Online

Other Rift titles include the launch title of the year, EVE Online. EVE Online is an MMORPG that will allow its players to live a unique sci-fi life and explore distant space. With the use of the best oculus rift technology inside of an optimized and fully immersive environment, EVE Online gives players the chance to be part of a vibrant space community and create their unique future. EVE Online is scheduled to launch later this year, and you can expect the best Rift headsets to be at the ready as well.

Inside Defense

Finally, there is yet another title that will be available with the best oculus Rift headsets. That title is called Inside Defense, and it is a first-person shooter game that will allow players to get a first-hand look at what it’s like to protect Earth from a variety of alien invaders. This futuristic first-person shooter game will work hand-in-hand with the best Rift gamepad and controllers. Players will be able to use both the gun and the keyboard and mouse simultaneously to take out their enemies. As you might imagine, with such a gripping storyline and exciting, intense gameplay, Inside Defense is sure to be one of the best Rift games available at launch. Don’t miss out on your chance to be one of the first to experience the success of this intriguing new virtual reality headset!

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