The Best SteamVR Games For PC -

The Best SteamVR Games For PC

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Since 2016 there has been a lot of evolution in this particular genre. Today we will take a look at the first wave of games that are making waves in the gaming industry. These are completely mind-blowing experiences, and they’re definitely going to become some of your favorites.

First up is Obduction. This game comes from the makers of the VR Sandbox series. It’s simple but is incredibly terrifying as well. You’ll need to use your head in order to survive as you stumble across dark corners, climb poles, and Dodge dangerous machinery.

Quantum Bullet

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Second up is Quantum Bullet. As soon as we got into the Quantum Break hype train, we just had to go and check out this gun shooting adventure. It features high speed gun shooting action, but for our money, we found that this isn’t your typical gun shooting.

The next one on our list is Forward Unto nearer. This one of the best steamVR vr games out right now is available for Early Access. You’ll need to download the game to your computer, then install it. Within a few minutes, you’ll be transported into the center of the Australian Outback. From there, you’ll need to discover where the game starts, and discover more about it as you go. The overall plot is rather simple, and we recommend that if you don’t have a strong basis for adventure, you probably shouldn’t play it.

Saints Row

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Then we have Saints Row: The Saints Row Collection. Here, in addition to all the standard Saints Row elements, you’ll get to experience Saints Row: The Saints Row Poster, as well as additional items like the Season Pass, which gives you access to all five of the original Saints games. In short, if you enjoy the first game, you’ll really enjoy this second offering.

Perhaps the most recent offering of the Saints series, Saints Row IV, gives you even more of the same great things that made the first game so popular. What really makes Saints Row IV standout is the complete physics-based combat system, allowing you to feel the impact of weapons on the environment. Although it lacks a few elements present in previous Saints games, such as the ability to walk into walls, Saints Row IV does an excellent job of recreating this, making the game truly authentic.

Gat Out Of Hell

For those of you who enjoyed the original Saints Row, you’re in luck, because the next Saints Row game, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, gives you one more chance to explore the world of Saints Row. Although it doesn’t have nearly the same charm as its spiritual predecessor, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell still has all the core elements present in Saints Row IV, such as the story, the walking dead, and the great gameplay. 

One of the best features of Saints Row IV is the in-game map viewer, which is a nice feature that lets you zoom in and out of specific missions or areas within the game. It’s a nice element overall, but the way Saints Row IV captures the world in its 3D is by having a constantly moving map, which can be changed using the “rewind” function. Another neat feature is the ability to switch between first person and third person view using the right and left arrows on the keyboard.


If you’re looking for one of the best SteamVRulators for PC, the answer is easier than you might think. With so many options on today’s market, including the very latest releases of both Rift and Doom, there’s no reason to settle for anything but the best. Between Saints Row IV and Portal, HTC Vive and OSVR, there are several excellent choices for SteamVR controllers out there, with both Rift and Vive offering high quality controllers that work well with the headsets they’re designed to go with. Add in the recently released Doom Vr Game and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start enjoying your favorite SteamVR gaming once again.

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