The Best VR Horror Games For HTC Vive

best vr horror games

If you’re new to the world of VR, fear not. It’s completely possible to play these games without ever having experienced a VR headset. You can simply use a regular PC or a game console like Xbox, PlayStation or Wii to play scary VR games. But what are the best ones?

VR Headset

Perhaps the best VR games out there on the market today are the ones that make you jump out of your skin. Since a traditional game console requires you to plug the game into a TV screen, most people think that getting accustomed to a VR headset is the best way to get your feet wet. 

Unfortunately, VR headsets have always been extremely uncomfortable, so most first-timers discover that the only way to enjoy scariest VR games is to stand up and walk around a bit in order to adjust the headset for each individual eye. Luckily, however, VR headset developers are hitting their stride forward, now able to enhance and refine the scariest experiences on VR to ensure that even the sturdiest of gamers are quaking in terror at the thought of facing the monsters within.

Saints Row IV

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One of the best VR games on the market today is undoubtedly Saints Row IV. After putting players in a pulp via the original Saints Row game, the standalone expansion brings a ton of new content, new storyline, improved controls, enhanced graphics, improved physics, improved melee, gun, and magic attacks, improved co-op and competitive modes, improved enemy AI, improved inventory management, and much more. 

When it comes right down to it, the entire game is about exploration and having fun, which is certainly easy to say in an open world sandbox that offers the player tons of opportunities for discovery. In this case, exploration and fun become synonymous with survival as you fight off waves of infected zombies and other enemies, all while trying to cure yourself of the virus that has nearly killed you in the first place.


One of the best VR horror games available right now is Outlast. Although the game is relatively short, its immersive qualities make up for just enough time wasted to provide players with a sense of dread and anxiety before the game finally ends. 

Outlast uses the HTC Vive to bring true Immersive Virtual Reality to life, delivering frightening graphics and an intense audio experience that leave many players experiencing goose bumps. In short, Outlast is one of the best VR horror games available thanks to its use of modern graphics technology to create an immaculate, terrifying world.

Dead Zero

Nightmare On The Elm Street: Halloween is probably the scariest haunted house game to be released on a major console in some time. In essence, you play as Jason, a young man who arrives at an old house searching for his friend, Sarah. However, instead of finding her, Jason becomes trapped inside the home, where he must survive against a group of creeps who have taken her in. 

Playing as Jason is quite challenging, not only because he has to survive against the thrashings of the possessed house, but also because he must locate a way outside in order to escape from the house and continue on his quest to find his friend.

Scary Strangers

As the name implies, Scary Strangers is a PCV RV VR game that requires the use of a HTC Vive to work. You will definitely need a HTC Vive to experience this one, as it is a very intense and engrossing terror action horror game. As you wander through the house, encountering a variety of creepy crawlers, and battling them, the scariest thing about this game is the fact that you are totally safe within the house. 

You do not have to worry about fighting your way out, or running away from the scary crawlers as they attack you. All you have to do is stay still and scare every time a crawler or other enemy appears.

The Climb

If you love the jump scares, then you will love the Scary Strangers PCV Rift quest. The HTC Vive is required in order to get through the quest, as it is not possible to move anywhere during the quest. 

Once you start the quest, you will notice that there are numerous sets of stairs that lead to a clearing with a large staircase in the center leading up to the top of the house. Your goal in this quest is to scale the sheer side of the house, while avoiding landing directly on the bottom of the stairs.


Dead Reckoning: One of the best horror game experiences on a VR headset is Dead Reckoning. You are put into a situation where you have been invited to a party. Upon arriving you see that the guests have turned into walking dead people. You must proceed through the house using only a flashlight in order to see what is truly going on. When you finally reach the end of the house, you find out that you have to escape the house by killing all of the walking dead before you can return.

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