The Joy-Con Wireless Gaming Headset With the Switch Vu Adapter -

The Joy-Con Wireless Gaming Headset With the Switch Vu Adapter

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Upgraded Versions: Special virtual reality vr’s glasses for Nintendo switch, & Nintendo Switch OLED model, is a big shock as a gift for yourself or your friends, this is simply the upgraded model (((More suitable visual experience and those with thick prescription glasses can also wear this VR as well). NOTE: Please remove the Joy-Con in the controller compartment, it is lightweight to wear and light weighted, 15 ~ 36mm. Also, please take out the adapter for the charger in the bottom of the unit, it is also light weighted and you can easily grip both sides. Please read the instruction manual before using. Don’t forget to put the card reader in the same compartment, it is also helpful to keep the card reader secure.

An Overview

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Use the switch vr headset to enjoy the virtual reality gaming experience on your Nintendo Switch console. You can play various types of games including sports, racing games, first person shooters and adventure. This innovative vr support provides many benefits and options that will surely make you enjoy the entire day playing the games.

Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and entertainment by utilizing the switch vr headset with your Nintendo Switch console. This is an affordable option and you will definitely appreciate the quality of this headset. The ear pads are comfortable to wear and are perfect for long hours of virtual console play. The built-in noise cancelling microphone will allow you to talk to other players in a completely immersive experience. Switch is compatible with many headphones, so you will have a large selection of headsets to choose from to customize your own gaming experience with your Switch.

Wireless Gaming Headset Facts

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The switch to headset has two main controls. The first is the touch sensitive side button, which offers users a comfortable and intuitive control when using the headset. The second control is the headset’s remote, which is used for additional functions. This includes controlling the volume, switching to a specific channel, or starting and stopping game play. You can even search and browse through video games based on your preference.

The switch to headset uses the Switch visual processing engine to deliver the realistic sounds and VR effects. This engine allows the Switch to achieve true-to-life graphics that will immerse you in every moment of your game play. You will hear every sound and experience every scene as if you were really inside the game. The graphics are also very detailed, bringing life to the game world. You will feel as if you are really inside the game.

In order to use the Switch vr headsets, you must have at least a PlayStation 4 console and the headset that support it. This feature is only compatible with the PlayStation 4, so do not buy one from a different console as you will be wasting money. You can choose from three sizes of headsets: small, medium, and large. You will also be able to plug in your earphones if you wish to.

If you purchase the Switch vr headset and a PlayStation 4, then you will be getting an adapter and a PlayStation mount. To use the Switch visual processing engine properly, you must have both the adapter and the mount. Many users have reported having problems connecting their headsets to the console because the adapters were not compatible. A lot of users have successfully connected their headsets to the console, with the help of the mounts provided with the headset.

Bottom Line

Since the Switch has a built-in camera, you will need a camera bag to put your headset in. When not in use, the switch vr wireless headset can be placed in the console’s base on top of the power brick. The wireless connection uses a 1500 ft-range and an infrared motion detector to work. For best results, make sure that your base is securely fastened to the console.

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