Top 3 Scariest Horror VR Games

horror vr games

Fans of horror have been screaming and enjoying the thrill of horror films and games for years now. However, VR has taken it up to yet another level. When you have your headset on, nothing can help you then because even for a fraction of a second, you will believe whatever is happening in front of you.

Therefore, we are creating a list of the scariest horror VR games that you cannot hide from behind any cushion or cry your eyes out. Only the bravest ones can survive these games. So, be prepared to feel the horror.

Affected: The Manor

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Affected: The Manor is not a horror game that you can let yourself be in for days on end or you cannot spend days exploring it thoroughly. However, the game is a tightly-crafted ride filled with exhilaration which delivers its promised scare within a house that screams haunted old house. The atmosphere works well and it achieves what it sets out to do. For new VR game users, this game should be the go-to horror game.

This is a mobile VR horror game that continues to go. The game has been around in some form or shape since the days of Oculus Rift DK1 and it has found its way to PSVR, Stream for PC VR, Oculus Home for Rift and Go. There is also another version which is in the form of a quest in the making as well.

Alien: Isolation

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Even if it seems odd to enlist this game in the list of horror VR games, it’s still too good not to get a mention. The game Alien: Isolation is a classic horror game and can be easily signified as one of the best horror games based on iconic franchises of science-fiction movies. And the bonus point goes to the easy installation process as well.

You have to evade xenomorphs in any way in this game and you can use any necessary means. The sheer sense of terror that the game produces when you are looking around corners, or hiding or trying not to be killed is pretty thrilling. Alongside, the alien encounters are the highlight of the game.


One of the oldest games of VR is the scariest game as well. The terror-filled game will let you find an escape but by navigating complex mazes. The main obstacle in Dreadhall is the horrible monsters that are intent on scaring the living daylight out of you.

The game has survived and held its position throughout the years’ thanks to the simple premise. Through that premise, anyone can jump in but only the bravest player can survive. It’s worth checking out even five years after its launch on Gear VR.

The price of the game is a hundred percent appropriate as it has an intricate dungeon with procedural elaborated layouts. The method makes sure that each time you play the game, it will be slightly different than before.


There you have the scariest VR horror games of all time. You should play it on Halloween and see how you handle the horror. Try the games in the list that are filled with horror, exhilaration and let’s not forget about the bone-chilling terror.

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