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What Is The Latest Update On Gear VR Games And Apps

gear vr games and apps

VR technology is used for many purposes, including industry, art and education. However, for consumers, this technology is probably more familiar with video games. VR games have been on the market for some time, but are still awaiting their final breakthrough. The reason is by no means the lack of interest but the lack of an efficient enough iron, writes the Respawn online magazine . However, the situation is expected to change as the generation of game consoles is about to change and big players like Valve, Sony and Facebook are making big investments in VR technology.

Stream Theater

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Launch the Stream Theater application then insert your smartphone into your Gear VR or your Open Gear VR. When first launching the app will show you your “Gamestream” compatible computer, look at it and press the trackpad.  A PIN code will be given to you, enter it in the window that has just opened on your computer to complete the pairing.

Trover Saves the Universe (PSVR, Oculus)

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Squanch Games ’comedy gem is the handwriting of Justin Roiland, creator of the Rick & Morty animated series. The game is very closely reminiscent of the very own game of the bubbling series, which, however, sees different characters. But equally, you’ll encounter whimsical missions, amusing sounds, fun, and colorfulness in the game’s numerous strange stories, worlds, and aliens. The game was released as early as 2019 and is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. For Oculus VR, the game did not arrive until June 2020. In VR games, it prevents general motion sickness by locking the player in a chair that acts as both the game’s interface and the player’s means of transport and teleports from one point to another.

Half-Life: Alyx

Many feared that Valve’s first VR game, Half-Life: Alyx, would not have managed to deliver on the promises set for the much-anticipated new game in the acclaimed game series. Fortunately, these doubts have been allayed, as it is a truly wonderful Half-Life experience and a return to the world of Half-Life worth expecting since 2007. Like its predecessors, it is a mind-boggling pleasure with physically modeled meticulously executed. The same innovative problems are now only in the VR dimension, but this time the corridors filled with zombies feel even more scary.

Superhot VR (Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality, PSVR)

The super-addictive shooter game Superhot has come a long way since its release in 2013. It has found a warm home in VR reality, where the game’s 360-degree problem shooter comes into its own.  Because time in the game only moves when the player is moving, Superhot VR benefits from a larger game space. As the difficulty level increases, each inch is a constant calculation and spectacular dodge moves as the player dodges bullets and uses everyday objects to kill enemies.


Defector (Oculus Rift and Rift S)

Twisted Pixel, the developer of Wilson’s Heart , injects the best again. This time around, there’s an intense spy thriller that looks more like Mission Impossible than the official game from the movie series. Released in 2019, it offers a wild journey through a spy thriller with excellent production values ​​and freedom.

Final: Vader Immortal

Have you tried The Void already? It’s an awesome location-based VR experience from ILMxLAB, which has now developed a new, more user-friendly version of the experience for Oculus Quest. It’s a treat for Star Wars fans where players face Darth Vader in a fierce lightsaber battle. At the same time, we will get to know the secrets of the planet Mustafa in more detail. In addition, this is only the first part of the ensemble intended for the trilogy, so hopefully the sequels will be of equal quality.

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