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Buy Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Mixed Reality: Reasons To Buy

Technology happens to be very important in the modern world. Moreover, it happens to serve different meaning to different people. Furthermore, technology happens to be present in every corner of the world. Similarly, every household, firms, and organization tends to consists of different types of technology like mobile, laptop, etc. Moreover, the primary purpose of technology happens to make our life comfortable. Furthermore, it also helps to make our life paperless and not messy. Additionally, technological advancements also tend to protect financial data and other essential data. Moreover, even the dream of virtual reality tends to become valid by technological advancements. One such technical power is Windows Mixed Reality.

Windows Mixed Reality: Reasons To Buy
Buy Windows Mixed Reality

What Is Windows Mixed Reality?

The mixed reality happens to be a type of VR box. Furthermore, it happens to be an upgraded version of holo lens two manufactured by Microsoft. Moreover, it happens to be a unique combination of VR and AR technology. Additionally, the first experience of this happens to involve a vast number of persons in this fantastic digital experience at low cost. Furthermore, an individual can use the controller of the Xbox one to use it in the windows reality. Moreover, it also happens to make it more interesting for professional high technology.

Windows Mixed Reality Release Date

The windows reality happens to be the most important for the company. Furthermore, it happens to be a standard feature of Microsoft Windows 10. Moreover, in the latest updates of window ten, it tends to add a wide array of updates to the platform. Furthermore, it tends to be an expectation from Microsoft to continue to add the improvement features of the mixed reality. Consequently, the release date of windows mixed happens to get delayed.

Windows Mixed Reality Price

The foremost difference between windows reality and other VR headsets happen to be its cost. Windows reality tends to cost half of the price of other VR headsets. Moreover, the number of windows reality happens to be starting at $224. Consequently, it happens to compete with other competitors like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.

Windows Mixed Reality: Reasons To Buy
Buy Windows Mixed Reality

Requirements For Windows Mixed Reality

Unlike the other VR headsets, one does not require killer rigs to move into the virtual reality world. The basic needs for windows reality happen to be windows ten fall creators feature and intel core i5 7200U processor. Moreover, it tends to require 8gb DDR3 dual-channel RAM and 10Gb of free disk space. Furthermore, for the proper use of windows reality, one needs to have Intel HD graphics 620 or HDMI 1,4 display port. Hence, the above specification happens to be suitable for 60 frames per second. 

Reasons To Buy Windows Mixed Reality

Let us have a glimpse at the reasons to buy windows reality

High Resolution

The windows mixed resolution tends to have higher graphics resolution. Moreover, it happens to be an essential point to consider to purchase windows mixed reality. 

SteamVr Integration

It happens to be another important reason to purchase windows reality. In comparison to other VR headsets, the windows reality tends to have steam VR integration feature. Moreover, this even adds to its demand, as well. 

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